Monday, August 30, 2010

I want one of these

That's a Kisai Cybertronic Watch. [Link]



You have not lived until you have had this done to you.

WTF Japan?

Tripping balls is now a serious medical condition

Click to enlarge.

Afternoon LINKS

Your daily dose of AWESOME

Wait so there's only 4 cops in Hoonah, Alaska?

Amazing blog
Just thought you should check this out.

The future of gaming

Dancing Dog!

If you have a better video of a Golden Retriever dancing the Merengue, I'd like to see it

Your daily dose of Engrish

Fake Milk Drink Trick Toy White. It can eliminate estrangement and improve relationship.

Cool illusions

Most badass mule ever!

If I ever get attacked by a mountain lion I want this mule on my side. Link

Very true sir



Scooter Power!

This is hilarious, you should read it.


The children produced by the Internet generation will be pretty messed up.


Now THIS is Irony